Improve your company’s supplier management with our ProcuOS platform. With our management tools, you can centralize your suppliers’ information. In addition, you will be able to create your own supplier portal personalized with your company’s identity, carry out approval processes, including the management of documentation in the approval processes and easily manage your supplier agenda and catalogue.

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Suppliers portal

A supplier portal offers advantages such as centralization of information, better communication and collaboration, process automation, greater visibility and transparency, and better risk management. This contributes to efficient supply chain management and strong supplier relationships.

  • Centralization of information: A supplier portal allows you to centralize all the information related to your suppliers in one place.

  • Process automation: With a supplier portal, you can automate various processes, such as requesting quotes, issuing purchase orders, and managing payments. This speeds up and simplifies administrative tasks, reducing time and associated errors.

  • Improved communication: The supplier portal facilitates communication between your company and suppliers. You can send messages, notifications and updates quickly and efficiently. In addition, suppliers can also access the portal to send information, respond to requests and maintain fluid communication.

  • Greater transparency: By having a supplier portal, transparency in business relationships is promoted. Both your company and suppliers can access relevant information, avoiding misunderstandings and promoting greater trust and collaboration.

  • Evaluation and monitoring: A supplier portal allows you to evaluate and track the performance of your suppliers. You can set key performance indicators (KPIs) and conduct periodic evaluations to ensure that suppliers meet your standards and expectations.

  • Time and cost savings: By automating processes and having all information centralized, a supplier portal helps you save time and reduce administrative costs. Furthermore, by having better supplier management, you can negotiate better conditions and prices, which also contributes to financial savings.

Supplier approval

Supplier approval offers advantages such as quality and reliability, risk reduction, improved efficiency, cost savings, and regulatory and ethical compliance. This contributes to a stronger and more efficient supply chain.

  • Quality evaluation: Supplier approval allows you to evaluate the quality of the products or services they offer. You can establish specific criteria and standards that suppliers must meet to be approved, which ensures you receive quality products.

  • Risk reduction: you can reduce the risks associated with the acquisition of products or services by approving suppliers in terms of quality, delivery capacity, regulatory compliance, among other aspects, you can minimize the possibility of receiving defective products/services or unsatisfactory services .

  • Improved efficiency: By having approved suppliers, you can establish long-term relationships with them, which leads to greater efficiency in procurement processes. By having reliable and consistent suppliers, you can optimize purchasing management and reduce the time spent searching for new suppliers.

  • Regulatory compliance: Supplier approval allows you to ensure that they comply with established legal and regulatory requirements. You can verify aspects such as licenses, certifications, corporate social responsibility policies, among others, which helps you avoid legal problems and ensure ethical compliance.

  • Improved competitiveness: By having approved suppliers, you can obtain high-quality products or services at competitive prices. This allows you to improve your competitiveness in the market by offering quality products to your customers.

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Contacts directory

A contact book offers benefits such as organization, quick access, efficient communication, reminders and follow-up, and synchronization and backup. Helps you efficiently manage your contacts and maintain effective business relationships.

  • Organization: A contact book allows you to have all your contacts stored and organized in one place. You can easily categorize, tag and search them, making it easier to manage your business and personal relationships.

  • Quick access to information: With a contact book, you can quickly access your contacts’ information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, notes, and more. This saves you time by not having to search for information in different places.

  • Efficient communication: By having a contact agenda, you can communicate more efficiently with your contacts.

Supplier Catalog

Having a catalog of suppliers offers advantages such as quick access to relevant information, efficiency in searching and comparing, better decision making, business relationship management and more effective negotiations. This contributes to more efficient supply chain management and strong supplier relationships.

  • Comparison of suppliers: By having a catalog of suppliers, you can easily compare the available options. You can evaluate aspects such as quality, prices, delivery times, payment conditions, among others, and make informed decisions about which supplier best suits your needs.

  • Agility in the purchasing process: A supplier catalog allows you to speed up the purchasing process by having all the necessary information at your fingertips. You can search for specific suppliers, filter by product or service categories, and quickly find what you need without having to perform exhaustive searches every time you need to purchase something.

  • Cost optimization: By having a catalog of suppliers, you can negotiate better prices and conditions based on the information you have available. You can compare the offers of different suppliers and select those that offer you the best quality-price ratio, allowing you to optimize your acquisition costs.

  • Relationship management: A supplier catalog helps you maintain more efficient management of your relationships with suppliers. You can record notes, comments and evaluations about each supplier, allowing you to track their performance and build stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

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